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Took this from :iconrandomfox720:.  What, she said it was OK, alright?  Anyhow, I shamelessly co-opted the title from Sleeping With Sirens acoustic album for this fun journal covering classic movie troupes.  Gosh I adore music tags that are creative like this!

1. Open your music library (iTunes, VLC, Media Player, mp3, etc)
2. Play it on shuffle
3. For every question, type the song that's playing
4. No fair skipping songs (though who's going to know really?)

Opening Credits:
Los Angeles ~ Blink-182
Whoo, this will be an interesting movie, I mean we're starting off with aliens invading Los Angeles!

Waking Up:
American Jesus ~ Bad Religion
This is a totally awesome song and this would be perfect for a "waking up" scene in my life.XD

First Day At School:
Toumei Ningen 18-Gou ~ Radwimps
Entirely in Japanese but the translation of the lyrics fits; the title in English is "Transparent Person no.18".  See, it works.

Falling In Love:
Pista Audio 18 ~ Linkin Park
OLD LP DEMO.  Sadly this works depressingly well, from a guys perspective; think Good Charlotte's "Girls & Boys", the lyrical premise is quite similar. 

Fight Song:
Aluminum Foil ~ Weird Al Yankovic
Yeah, this works, fighting with waiters to fighting aliens, thanks Al.

Breaking Up:
Quand Je'Regarde ~ Les Cowboys De Fringants
Honestly have no clue, I didn't find much in the way of translations.

But It's Better If You Do ~ Panic! At The Disco
This works for prom, not speaking from experience cause as Brandon says "I wouldn't be caught dead in this place".

Life is Good:
Bobo ~ Les Cowboys de Fringants
Once again I didn't get a translation, but man this song sounds like the exact opposite of "life is good"...which of course fits for me. *eye roll*

Mental Breakdown:
Sydney ~ Puddle Of Mudd
Nice, goes through a breakup, says "I think I've taken these emotions way too far" before saying "I'm gonna set you free".  This honestly couldn't be more perfect!  Music Note Bullet (Black) - F2U Psycho Killer, ba ba ba ba ba.Music Note Bullet (Black) - F2U XD

No Reply ~ The Beatles
Paul, you should be driving to forget your ex, not telephoning or creeping on her and her new guy.  First song that hasn't worked.

The Party Song ~ Blink-182
Not bad, could be a flashback of that really shitty party you wish you hadn't gone too.:D  Music Note Bullet (Black) - F2U Da na-na, da na-na!Music Note Bullet (Black) - F2U 

Getting Back Together:
Highway Man ~ Walk Off The Earth
Sigh, doesn't work, unless you're getting together with the bad boy ex that you shouldn't be?  Nope, that doesn't work.XD

Poisonous Shadows ~ Megadeth
Uh...well I guess if you're being forced into a marriage this could work???

Paying the Dues:
The Kids Took Over ~ They Might Be Giants
I love this band but *eye roll* this is an obnoxiously climate change oriented song.  Doesn't work well for this...

The Night Before The War:
Talking To Ghosts ~ Foxes
Finally a song that fits!

Final Battle:
Canadian Idiot ~ Weird Al Yankovic
Oh goodness, this just took on a rather South Park-esque attitude.  Well, nothing to do now except watch Terrance And Philip, or go to war with Canada over Terrance And Phillip, or go on a mission to rescue the Canadian princess, or, well you get the idea.XD  This is my favorite one so far

Moment of Triumph:
Discharge ~ Anthrax

Funeral Song:
T'inquiete ~ MC Solaar
No, doesn't work.

End Credits:
Les Gens Qui Doutent ~ Anne Sylvestre
Once again I have no idea what the lyrics are saying, but the melody is VERY end credit-esque.  The title means "Those Who Doubt".

Got into a bit of a dive at the end, but :iconreila-yunder: would probably like this and I'm sure the rest of you will too. 
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While watching Fullmetal Alchemist one day in my youth, I decided to learn how to draw like that. Anime and Manga were an excellent way to learn to draw and since then my drawings have developed a style of their own (or so I like to think).

Reading, playing guitar and ukulele, and various other pursuits occupy my time otherwise. Oh and music...lots of music.

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